"I have been working like a visual poet in the field of paintings, drawings, installations and in performances. I´ve been capturing the moment by welcoming the unforeseeable. Where past & present are constantly merging and in that way making a conversation with the artwork I’m making, later between the work and the viewer. Sometimes I submerge myself into the moment with a dance and a shamanic ritual for the flow to come from my core or the closest truth of now. Feelings and talking to the senses have been a great part of my work using scent, sounds and living light to underline the now and to capture the image that is calling. Working in that way has been often surprisingly therapeutic.

I listen closely as a dedicated servant to the whisper of colours and forms emerging and growing on the canvas and same with my installation, its all about clear connection through the heart and the importance of aesthetic".

(Synopsis content taken from her website, in her own words)

Ólöf Björg Björnsdóttir is on Her Website, and Instagram