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Cool Places To Visit

Isla Del Coco.

Isla del Coco is one of Costa Rica’s top destinations for the experienced scuba divers. This area of the ocean is filled with elusive sea creatures such as Giant Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, hammerheads (sphyrna lewini) Dolphins and other marine species is truly out of this world. This is one of the very few places in the world where hammerhead sharks assemble by the thousands; many scientists believe today that they are coming to the region to breed.

Coco Island was declared a National Park and conservation area in 1978 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. It is located about 550 km from the Pacific Coast and takes roughly 36 hours to reach. The fantastical atmosphere made Isla del Coco the island double for Isla Nublar in the Jurassic Park movies.

Showboat Branson Belle.

The Showboat Branson Belle offers a 2-hour cruise that includes a delicious meal prepared fresh daily onboard the ship. If you're seeking a more intimate experience, premium dining is available, offering stunning views of Table Rock Lake and VIP show seating.

Scotney Castle.

Romantic Picturesque garden with a 14th century moated castle and a Victorian country mansion - all in a beautiful wooded estate.

Biodam Castle.

Archetypal 14th century moated castle with ruined interior - a glimpse of medieval splendour.

Sissinghurst Castle Garden.

Historic, poetic, iconic: a refuge dedicated to beauty. Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson fell in love with Sissinghurst Castle and created a world-renowned garden.

Visit One of The Coolest cities in the world

(In this section of the website, Visit one of the coolest cities in the world, all content is taken from Christine Berengers website, Fava Beans And Chianti. Text is original text in her own words slightly modified from first person in some instances to suit the narrative for the fotoman website. Content is used for INFORMATIVE purposes ONLY and a chance to showcase this remarkable connoisseur woman, Christine Berenger and  her husband).

San Francisco has the luxury of a vast supply of fresh and locally produced and sourced food and wine, the tasty possibilities are infinite. You kind of can’t go wrong here.

This content is taken from a Vicia faba foody, this legume that is very common in the cuisines of Southern European, Northern European, East Asian, Latin American and North African cuisines, Christine, also a Cianti enthusiast with an obsession with wine and food lives in San Francisco with her husband, Mathias Berenger, who is into photography and web-dilettante.

All this being said, Christine has her go-tos and is asked frequently to list them. Et voila:


Blue Bottle Café

1 Ferry Building
+1 510 653 3394
Blue Bottle is for those who truly appreciate all of the passion that goes into a superbly prepared cup of coffee. Amateurs, please stay home. It helps to minimize the queue.


Bourbon and Branch

501 Jones Street
+1 415 346 1735
This chic speakeasy is a sassy place for sexy cocktails before or after dinner. Head toward the hidden back room. Reservations are required.

Press Club

20 Yerba Buena Lane
+1 415 744 5000
If pressed for time and a trip to Napa/Sonoma can’t be squeezed in, this is a convenient wine tasting room “teaser”. Each area is marketed by visiting vintners who have hands-on knowledge of the vinification of their wines and the story of their winery. Generally speaking, the staff are incredibly knowledgeable.



1 Mission Street
+1 415 543 6084
A little upmarket, but if you fancy a more casual dining experience, just belly up to the bar. The food is divine and consistent.

Hog Island Oysters

1 Ferry Building
+1 415 391 7117
East coast v west coast? Oysters from the west coast win the prize – those briny, creamy, succulent bivalves. Get the Kumamotos and ask for guidance on their other fresh options.


560 Divisadero Street
+1 415 864 8643
Meals are extremely fresh while being very mindful of sourcing. This place is always packed and the cocktails hold their own. Random, but they are obsessed with Mas de Daumas Gassac (Grand Cru of the Languedoc), which Is cool. You’ll notice this as soon as you crack open the wine list.


Tartine Bakery

Noe Valley/Mission
600 Guerrero Street
+1 415 487 2600
Make sure you hit the gym to burn off all of that butter because once you catch a whiff of what Tartine has to offer, you won’t be able to resist.


Michael Recchiuti Chocolate

One Ferry Building
+1 415 834 9494
Since first discovered Mr. Recchuiti’s chocolates (10+ years ago when the stores for the Ferry Building were still in the tented Farmer’s Market across the street), she has never left the great city of San Francisco without carting away these insanely delicious confections. Peanut butter pucks are her absolute fave, especially now that she has relocated to Europe and they don’t quite get the symbiotic relationship between peanut butter and chocolate. Fleur de sel caramels are a very close number two.

"My criterion for a good food city is one that has amazing food at every price point. Here are some examples that quickly come to mind: New Orleans – you can get a po-boy at a gas station and it’s actually really good (no lie); New York – how easy is it to get a great slice (pizza)? Full disclosure, I consider both of these places to be home". - Christine Berenger

She visited London and benefited from the culinary explosion which has been going down there over the past few years. True, London has been home to food institutions such as River Café for many years. [A little background on River Café: It is the brain child of Ruth Rogers and Rose Grey (who unfortunately passed away this year) and it later provided us with extraordinarily talented chefs such as April Bloomfield (Executive Chef of one of my absolute faves of all times and a truly special place for me for many reasons- The Spotted Pig) and Jamie Oliver.] However, when she first started dating her husband, and they were doing the NY-Heathrow route back and forth, she felt London did pricey well, but found a dearth of quality mid-point restaurants.

This is by no means her “end all, be all” London list and it definitely includes some “fancy” places, but she truly hopes to experience more of what London has to offer soon. Enjoy.



2-6 Moon Street

Cheese, glorious cheese… New Yorkers, think a subdued version of Murray’s Cheese. There is a sit down area for amazing for lite bites such as cheeses, charcuterie, salads and tarts OR visit the cheese room to take treats home.


57 West Smithfield
This is one of their favorite restaurants in London. On their layover to Nairobi, they took a car one hour + into the city to have lunch here just because. Does that make Christine a freak? They have a foie gras menu. Who does that? Add this as a course to your meal. If they have the sort of crystallized grapes with the grilled foie gras, be certain to have it. It’s heavenly and you will fantasize about it long after you’ve left. If there are morels in any dish on the menu, wave that in as well. This is a special occasion kind of place. Everyone who has dined here upon our suggestion told us it was his or her favorite dining experience in London.



287 Upper Street
Yotam Ottolenghi, an Israeli Jew, Sami Tamimi, an Arab from East Jerusalem and Noam Bar, who spent time in a Buddhist Monastery… how can you possibly go wrong with this combination? Maybe they can team up and teach the rest of the world how something beautiful can be created by differences? A healthful, elegant and unadulterated approach to Mediterranean cooking, Ottolenghi boasts wonderful and flavorful salads, breads and pastries for consumption on premises (only at their Islington location) or take away. She perused their cookbook Ottolenghi: The Cookbook… absolutely fantastic.


"If there’s one thing the Brits have done well – it’s their importation of fabulous curries. Yes, my British readers, importation. But, we understand the desire to stake your claim. It’s good stuff and if you didn’t claim the curries as your own (wink wink), you’d be stuck with mushy peas, roasts — but you do fish and chips, some cheeses and beer really well. To my other readers, if you didn’t hit at least one Indian restaurant while in London – even if you’re not that much of an Indian food fan – you might get castigated as an Anglophobe. The Brits take “their Indian” very seriously". - Christine Berenger


South Kensington/SW7
Courtfield Road
If you’re seeking a scene, this is not the place. However, if you want the real deal in terms of Indian cuisine, this place is just solid and offers an experience from all regions of India.


15-17 Blandford Street
This is more upscale or “fancy” Indian, but the lamb curry… HELLO – she can’t wait to go back.



15 Berkeley Street
She have no idea how Nobu has done it all these years with multiple locations globally, but they have consistently achieved grande dame status of chain restaurants. If it is a scene you seek, this is the place. Drinks, dinner, scene… you really can’t go wrong. You might even see a few starlets having sakitinis.


37 Charlotte Street
The skewered meat and seafood were tender to the touch and very flavorful. The sushi and sashimi were fabulously fresh. Roka is a decent scene just for drinks as well. Her only criticism would be that they sometimes try to turn tables too quickly by bringing out everything at once. Beat them to the punch by stating in advance that you want them to bring your food out in courses.